A new batch of trams will arrive in Krasnodar

20.09.2022 22:16

20.09.2022 22:16

tram copyThe regional capital will receive the first 40 wagons next year thanks to a concession agreement.

During the entire duration of the agreement, the regional capital will receive around 100 trams. An additional 20 electric transport units will be purchased in 2025 and another 40 trailers will be purchased in 2026. As indicated by the municipal administration, the first new cars will be launched on existing routes. After the extension of 10-12 tram routes by 2027, the cars will be sent to these tracks. Also, under the agreement, tram lines will be built. Construction of a tram line to the Western Ring Road will begin in 2022.

– The rapid development of this part of the city, the massive construction of several micro-districts and the growth in the number of residents, which the General Plan foresees, became decisive factors in the choice of the first direction in the construction of the new tramway. lines for the western bypass area, – the press service of the city administration reports.

According to the General Plan of Krasnodar, in the coming years the areas of Severny village, Zapadny Bypass, Red Square megacenter and Sport City sports complex will be actively developed and built.

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