Anapa bakery increased production by almost 50% due to lean technologies

The company optimized the production of bakery products within the framework of the national project “Labor Productivity”.

Within six months, plant employees, together with experts from the Regional Competence Center, standardized equipment change processes. They introduced a preventive maintenance system, built a cooking cooling platform, developed a route for the transport of finished products and placed with the visualization of their proper packaging.

As a result, we achieved a 30% reduction in time, more than 40% in inventory and an increase in production by almost 50%.

– Companies that grow grains, produce flour and bread have large reserves. In Russia, more than 3,000 companies are employed in this industry and many have reached the maximum level of production. In the current conditions of economic transformation, it is necessary to take a step to replace outdated practices and introduce effective technologies, increasing the motivation of employees,” said Alexei Yurtaev, Minister of Economy of the Krasnodar Territory.

The plant is the largest manufacturer of bakery products on the Black Sea coast and a budget company for Anapa. More than 35 tons of bread of various varieties, up to 5 tons of bakery products leave the conveyor belt daily.

The national project “Labor Productivity” involves 205 Kuban enterprises engaged in basic sectors of the economy without resources. By 2024, it is expected that at least 248 regional organizations will participate in the project.

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