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Artifacts buried approximately 3,300 years ago have been discovered in Israel. Construction work was ongoing in Palmachim Beach National Park and an ancient Late Bronze Age burial cave was accidentally unearthed by an excavator.

The team of archaeologists that arrived at the site discovered a lot of evidence from that time: ceramic vessels (some of them are completely intact), bronze accessories – according to experts, they served the deceased in the afterlife.

In the cave, carved into the rock, bowls were also found: deep and shallow, jugs for storing products and liquids in bulk, bowls with legs. Some items were brought from Lebanon.

Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority

“The finds in the cave date back to the 13th century BC (Late Bronze Age),” says archaeologist Dr. Eli Yannai. “During this period, during the long reign of the 19th Egyptian dynasty, Pharaoh Ramses II, the Egyptian Empire controlled Canaan and the Egyptian administration provided a safe environment for extensive international trade.”

In addition to household utensils, archaeologists have found lamps and bronze spearheads, as well as human remains.

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