Autoworld News: Aurus Komendant sawn in half found in Moscow

At the disposal of the Russian car community was a photograph of Aurus Komendant, taken on the territory of FSUE NAMI in Moscow. It is worth noting that the SUV that has not yet been presented is only partially captured, and in the literal sense: the body is cut in half, and only the rear part entered the picture. You can see that the feed is framed in the same way as in the patent photographs that hit the Web in 2020. The reason why the sawn body is lying idle in the open is unknown.

Aurus Komendant sawn in half found in Moscow

A photo: © Vladimir A. / Russian cars /© Vladimir A. / Russian cars /

In the comments, users laid out their guesses. For example, the body may have been cut after crash tests to preserve an undamaged part of the car. According to another version, this part is used to fit armored elements. The complete car will be shown on September 29 in Moscow; the presentation will take place at the Museum of the Special Purpose Garage of the Federal Security Service of Russia, located on the territory of VDNKh.

The specifications of the Aurus Komendant have already been revealed. The SUV is unified with other Auruses: a hybrid power plant with a 598-horsepower 4.4-liter V8, a nine-speed KATE automatic and an all-wheel drive system from platform models.

According to the vehicle type approval issued for the model in early 2022, the Komendant will be one of the largest (5.38 meters) and heaviest (3235 kilograms curb weight) premium SUVs in the world. It is classified as “special purpose vehicle to protect the life and health of the driver and passengers”.

Air suspension was announced for the Komendant, while the Senat sedans and limousines, as well as the Aurus minivan, have conventional spring suspension. Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are also being announced.

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