Autoworld news: Citizens of the Russian Federation are transporting German cars from Japan

The shortage of cars and their high price within Russia have led to vehicles of all brands being driven from all countries.

The Russians are transporting German cars from Japan

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“Even private dealers bring a car for personal use for 2.5-3 million rubles and, out of curiosity, post a sale ad for 4 million. And they sell it quickly. Like it or not, it will become a repurchase,” says the expert in cars Kirill Chernov.

Russians actively transport cars to the Russian Federation from Asia, Europe and America, actively using transit countries. As Max-Cars has become known, even a complex import scheme for an individual turns out to be more profitable than buying the same car domestically. Even those who did not plan to resell the car end up exceeding the offer due to the speed of the sale and the size of the offer.

One of the import schemes through Kazakhstan in September 2022 has already stopped working. Individuals indicated a price twice lower than the real one, which made it possible to save at the customs office. Customs now require a declaration confirming the specified value. As noted by Anton Shaparin, vice-president of the National Automobile Union, sometimes the cost of cars is reduced by up to 5-6 times. This mainly applies to premium models. But now it will be impossible to do that.

But car expert Kirill Chernov noted that the introduction of new rules was too late. There is simply nothing to bring from Kazakhstan, everything has already been bought. The country is not interesting for transit, as a result, imports from there are reduced. Georgia is becoming an alternative today, where you can even bring premium models that are under sanctions in the Russian Federation. Yes, according to the scheme, it is necessary to register a citizen of Georgia, but everything is decided by intermediaries.

It will also not be possible to take directly from Europe due to sanctions. We have to deal with single copies, which are driven by distillers. The second problem is money. They must be transported in cash with a limit of 10,000 euros per person. This is decided by company travel, each person carries a limit. But there are also grandmothers who carried cigarettes and fuel in Belarus. And now they are moving money.

Carriers in September 2022 can also become foreigners, because citizens of the Russian Federation cannot enter some European countries. But anyway, imports now go through Georgia, so cars bought in Europe are shipped to Georgians.

The situation with Japan is even more interesting. Recently, the main imports have been Japanese models. But now European cars with right-hand drive are also actively in demand. After all, a Toyota hybrid costs as much as a BMW 3 Series. Of course, people prefer the latter. As carriers note, the Volkswagen Golf, other BMW and Audi models are being actively transported from Japan. And other European brands.

The unofficial car market in Russia is expected to continue to grow. Despite the sanctions and problems with the transfer of money.

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