Autoworld News: Nearly 420 Lexus vehicles recalled in Russia due to reprogramming of various systems

More than 400 Lexus vehicles recalled in Russia for reprogramming

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“Rosstandart reports on the coordination of action programs for the voluntary recall of Lexus vehicles. The program of events is presented by Toyota Motor LLC, which is the official representative of the Lexus manufacturer in the Russian market.

It is noted that Lexus NX 250, NX 350 cars sold from January 16, 2022 to the present with VIN codes according to the application published on the department’s website are subject to recall.

“The reasons for the withdrawal of vehicles: due to the incorrect programming of the control computer, the lane tracking assistance system, the program value of the upper limit of the steering wheel angle may be reached earlier than expected,” the press service explained.

As clarified, there is also the possibility that the electronic slip control unit in the brake actuator assembly will falsely detect an overcurrent of the electronic parking brake actuator and go into safe mode, which illuminates the malfunction indicator lamp and displays an information message on the multifunction display “Parking brake failure, contact your dealer” and prevents activation or disengagement of the electronic parking brake actuator.

The press service added that all vehicles will be reprogrammed by the control computer with the lane keeping assistance system and the anti-skid control unit.

Rosstandart noted that the authorized representatives of the manufacturers will inform the owners of the recalled vehicles by sending letters or by phone about the need to provide the vehicle to the nearest dealer for repair work. In addition, owners can independently determine whether their vehicle is subject to recall by comparing their own car’s VIN code with the list, contact the nearest dealer and arrange a visit.

As the press service emphasizes, all work will be carried out free of charge for car owners.

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