Autoworld News: Online spot for Ferrari Purosangue sells for half a million dollars

One of the dealers in Tokyo, specializing in the sale of premium cars, put up for sale a new Ferrari Purosangue, which was presented a few days ago. The ad says that for $500,000 (about 30 million rubles at the current exchange rate), the car dealer offers to buy a slot that will allow the customer to be one of the first to buy a new crossover. At the same time, it is not known whether the car itself is included in the price.

Place in line for Ferrari Purosangue sells for half a million dollars

A photo: © Ferrari© Ferrari

The Purosangue will arrive in showrooms in the second quarter of 2023, according to the dealer. The seller does not provide other details, including the configuration of the crossover. Perhaps the potential buyer will have to independently choose the equipment of the model. At the same time, Ferrari has not yet named the official cost of the new items. The cost of the Thoroughbred is expected to be at least $400,000 (about 24 million rubles at today’s exchange rate).

The Italian brand may soon stop accepting orders for the crossover. Faced with mass excitement, the company’s sales director Enrico Galliera said the company may suspend the launch of the model so that demand does not exceed supply. At the same time, the brand will produce about three thousand Thoroughbreds per year.

Last week, the former Ferrari boss criticized the new Thoroughbred. According to the top manager, he is disappointed that the company put the financial component above engineering.

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