Autoworld news: Russians get tips on carpooling

Car sharing should be used only for personal needs, and not for commercial ones, reminded Artem Merenkov, candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Management of the Transport Complex of the State University of Management. In a conversation with, he gave advice to Russians about using carpooling.

“To work, you need to download a mobile application. And in this case, the advice is traditional: pay attention to the rating and carefully read user reviews,” Merenkov recalled.

Terms of an agreement

The economist pointed out that carsharing is a service and begins to work after the conclusion of an agreement, which includes the rights and obligations of each party.

“As a rule, we talk about who is responsible in the event of an accident and who pays for the damages. Looking ahead, let’s just say the numbers there are significant. Therefore, “on the coast” it is necessary to study the rules of the game and carefully pay attention to the fine print. In particular, I recommend that you pay attention to the conditions under which certain promotions and discounts are carried out”, he said.

Merenkov emphasized that users agree to a number of conditions, including consent to the use of personal data.

The economist advised to fix detected faults before using the car.

“Once you have chosen a car and signed a contract, you are responsible for its technical condition. That is, if a scratch is suddenly found after you, a breakdown is your fault and, as a result, financial responsibility. Even if it was before you, no one noticed. You will have to pay,” he warned.

It is also necessary to take a photo of the car and after the trip is over. After all, the car may get into an accident after the end of the lease, Merenkov said.

“You must show that you left the car in good condition. At the end, also make sure that the trip is over and the relevant information has been entered into the system,” he added.

The economist suggested that if we take the middle price segment, then the technical condition of the car will be better and users will expect less unwanted “surprises”.

Wait and be sure

Another interesting option in carsharing is standby mode.

“It is paid, but when you go to a store or shopping center you will leave the car reserved. This is convenient for short stops, when there is no need to re-book and inspect the vehicle each time,” he said.

Merenkov reminded that insurance is mandatory in car sharing services, but there are different rates.

“In the advanced version, the cost of the insurance includes even the risk of an accident caused by the tenant. However, if you trust yourself, your driving skills, you can save money,” he is sure.

The importance of the smartphone

Since one of the most important resources when renting is a smartphone, it must be in full availability, the economist pointed out.

“It is necessary to check the load level, the performance of the camera, the linking of a bank card in the application and the balance level. It is best to use a card not for a salary, but to have it specifically for such expenses. In the era of digital fraud, this is not superfluous”, he concluded.

Earlier, a joint study by the car-sharing service Citydrive and the company Rosgosstrakh showed that most Russians fear serious breakdowns during long car journeys.

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