Autoworld News: Toyota dismantled unassembled Russian cars for spare parts

Correspondents of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” continue to study the situation among domestic car dealers. On this occasion, the employees of one of the showrooms of Toyota, the favorite of Japanese brands among Russian car owners, shared the details of the work.

Toyota dismantled unassembled Russian cars for spare parts

Almost all of the brand’s popular model range was on display at the dealership’s expo. It was possible to feel and sit in Camry, and RAV4, and Fortuner, and Land Cruiser 300 and Land Cruiser Prado, however, adjusted to the fact that the completely new Pradik turned out to be a little used. and displayed in the showroom by the Trade-in department. The prices, of course, you need to look, holding a package of validol in your hand.

The cheapest you can buy is a Camry sedan or a RAV4 crossover, the cost of which ranges from 3.2 to 3.5 million rubles for basic versions. The surcharge on the official price list is seven hundred thousand to one million rubles. Sellers directly and calmly assure that the extra cost does not include anything other than an advanced anti-theft system, since the number of thefts has increased significantly. Extra charge: the opportunity to buy the latest “Toyota” at official dealers.

For the SUV Fortuner, they are already asking 1.5 million rubles from above, and they are launching the flagship Land Cruiser 300 – attention! – almost 6.5 million rubles or two thirds of the list price.

“The cars remain to be counted on one hand. The last delivery was only in February 2022. We have no spare parts warehouse with thousands of cars waiting on the tracks. Toyota immediately distributed all the finished cars according to the dealer quotas and sent the dealers of automobiles, at the St. Petersburg plant, the cars were dismantled for spare parts so that there was at least some margin to fulfill the warranty obligations,” employees of the Toyota center share their revelations.

The showroom also confirmed the fact that most new car buyers are legal entities. But the car leasing auction purchase for the Trade-in department at the Japanese brand’s showroom is skeptical: “Too many cars frankly sold out.”

When the question arises, how will it work when the last stock of cars is used up, the Toyota dealer shrugs:

“So far the option of parallel imports is being discussed, but according to preliminary estimates, taking into account all the possible problems and risks, the prices will be even higher than today.”

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