business of Ulyanovsk. Beauty and health. “Ciatea”. One step ahead of Ulpress

The beauty salon on Radishcheva, 26a has a “legendary” name. According to legend, the cyatea, a kind of fern, appeared in the world from the shed hair of the goddess Venus. To this day, this plant symbolizes spiritual purification and the fulfillment of wishes.

One of the main desires of a woman is to be irresistible. And therefore she – in “Cyatea”.

Here dreams come true. You dream of a radiant youthful face, a beautiful and toned figure, shiny hair and well-manicured nails. All in one space: aesthetic cosmetology, injection and hardware, nail services, make-up, spa treatments, body shaping, a wide range of hair care services and much more. “Cyateya” – for an integrated approach to beauty, youth and health.

Customers of the salon know that the exclusive novelties of the beauty market appear on time in Ciatea, for example, dyes and hair care products of the premium category Barex (Italy), La Biosthetique (France) or facial treatments by professional cosmetics MA D Skincare (USA). All with proven effectiveness!

Perhaps the first in town appeared Beautylizer. Effective hardware massage technology eliminates cellulite and reduces body volume to less than 3 cm per session. Visible results after the first procedure! Beautylizer is equipped with a unique nozzle, inside which there is a roller with silicone spheres, which carefully work on problem areas, intensively affect the skin and subcutaneous fat. Vibrocompression initiates lymphatic drainage, strengthens blood vessels, accelerates metabolism. 1 procedure = 3 massages at the same time: anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage and general!

The recent acquisition of the Hall of Advanced Technologies is the legendary device GentleLase Pro-U from the American manufacturer Candela, perhaps the only laser of the latest development in Ulyanovsk. After a course of procedures, you will get rid of unwanted hair forever. Thanks to the cooling system, the procedure is as comfortable as possible and the result is visible after the first procedure.

The latest Salon innovations: Emsculpt, a procedure to quickly shape the body without physical effort, and Exilis Ultra 360, a system for effective body contouring and skin lifting (using the only technology that combines ultrasound and radio frequency energy).

And in the living room, decorated in “contemporary” ecological style, a special atmosphere has been created that puts you in a good mood and relaxation. The tea ceremony is usually the finishing touch to a beauty session in Tsiateya.

The comfort of the client and the effectiveness of the procedures – this principle is raised to the absolute in “Cyatea”. And always be true to the motto: “One step ahead!” – here they constantly invest not only in advanced technologies and products, but also in employee training.

And the return of customers proves the correctness of the chosen path.

Ulyanovsk, st. Radishcheva, 26A. Telephone 89272722211.


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