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The July 1 Club analyzed the four programs presented by the candidates nominated by the Russian Academy of Sciences for the post of President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Activist scholars indicated that there is consensus on key issues:

  • restoration of the royal status of the RAS, full inclusion of its representatives in the presidential, parliamentary and governmental bodies;
  • restoration of the role and prestige of the RAS as the main coordinating center for fundamental and applied research;
  • restoration of a unified system of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences under the real leadership of active scientists and with full respect for academic freedom and freedom of scientific creativity;
  • consolidation of people working in science and bringing domestic science to the forefront of the world;
  • restoration of the level of science funding necessary for competitive development, elimination of discrimination by the age of scientists, their place of work and research topics, if these are at the highest global or domestic level in their fields;
  • consolidation of a unified approach of the state and scientists to the organization of science and to the return of its central role in the development of the country and society as part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The website of the July 1st Club states that its members “have always defended the triumph of precisely these principles in the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences and are glad that they have finally entered the zone of consensus in the academic community.” The Club considers that the similarity of the four programs in these key positions creates a real opportunity for the consolidation of the RAS and, therefore, its
institutes, universities and other scientific centers of the country.

It is also proposed, regardless of the specific results of the elections, to include all four candidates (including Robert Nigmatulin, whose candidacy is not approved by the government) in the top management of the Russian Academy of Sciences and to seek their joint well-coordinated. work in a common de facto
academy development program.

The members of the July 1 Club asked the General Meeting to direct the elected leadership of the Russian Academy of Sciences to actions in this direction, necessary for the constructive and supportive work of the scientific community.

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