News from Autoworld: Mercedes-Benz electric cars may receive an ‘autonomous drift’ mode.

Mercedes-Benz electric cars can have an “autonomous drift” mode. In principle, it is not difficult to implement this: several electric motors and steering “by wire” are enough. But it’s still unclear how useful that feature will be.

Mercedes-Benz electric cars can have the mode of

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Making a self-driving car is not that difficult. The implementation of the technology earlier this year was shown by scientists from the Toyota Research Institute and the Dynamic Design Laboratory at Stanford University.

The Supra they built is capable of driving through difficult sections of an artificial track, changing the slip angle in a second and calculating the movement trajectory as new data becomes available. The computer controls the steering wheel, accelerator, clutch, sequential gearbox, as well as the brakes on each wheel, and perhaps this technology will appear in electric Mercedes in the future.

Joerg Bartels, head of Mercedes-Benz’s development department, said about this in an interview with Australian CarSales. According to Bartels, “autonomous drifting” can be accomplished with the help of 2-4 electric motors, but you still need a lot of free space.

Separately, Bartels mentioned the “tank spin” feature in the upcoming EQG. All of this certainly looks very impressive, but off-road or anywhere else, spinning on the spot won’t do any good. “This is the same thing you can show friends or neighbors. But other than that, it’s useless.”

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