News from Autoworld: the cost of owning Chinese cars has grown in Moscow by almost one and a half times

Specialists from the marketing agency NAPI (Russian Automotive Market Research) studied the cost of owning new cars in Moscow in January and August 2022. According to the report, which is available to “Izvestia”, for eight months, the cost of ownership per kilometer increased significantly in all vehicle groups observed. The anti-leaders were the cars of the Chinese manufacturers.

The cost of owning Chinese cars has grown in Moscow almost one and a half times


NAPI estimates that the cost of owning Chinese cars in the Russian capital rose by 38.5 percent from January to June, although the agency did not provide specific figures. The smallest increase was seen in the cost of owning cars from European premium brands: it only increased by 9.7 percent.

The indicator is growing against the background of an increase in the share of “Chinese” in the Russian market. According to Avtostat, the end of August set another record: 26.4 percent of all cars sold in the last week of the month were Chinese.

In Moscow, according to the results of August, four models of Chinese brands – Haval Jolion, Geely Coolray, Chery Tiggo 7 Pro and Geely Atlas Pro – became market leaders at once. The domestic Lada Granta managed to take only the fifth line – only 224 Muscovites bought it.

The cost of car maintenance has increased dramatically throughout Russia, and this applies not only to the “Chinese”. From March to June 2022, citizens’ monthly spending on car maintenance reached 10,037 rubles. In addition, during the specified period, the number of car owners who invest monthly in cars from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles has increased.

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