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Dmitry Chernyshenko held a working meeting with Elena Shmeleva, President of the Council of the Federal Territory of Sirius

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko held a working meeting with Elena Shmeleva, head of the Talent and Success Foundation, president of the Sirius Federal Territory Council.

Recall that the idea of ​​granting Sirius the status of a federal territory in November 2020 was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin. By decision of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Dmitry Chernyshenko was appointed commissar for interaction with the authorities of the federal territory of Sirius.

The meeting discussed the socio-economic development of the federal territory, as well as the development of innovative projects and the creation of a science and technology campus. The Deputy Prime Minister also visited the new “Life Sciences” laboratory complex of the “Sirius” University.

“A unique territory has been created in Sirius: a platform for the development of young talents, where a powerful innovation center of the country is being formed. The modern laboratory complex, which is being prepared for commissioning, as well as the student campus project, will strengthen the Russian scientific and educational base. The calibration of the five most effective projects, according to experts, for the socio-economic development of the federal territory is now being completed. At this stage, they must be adjusted based on the tasks set by the president to achieve technological sovereignty and ensure Russia’s economic security,” said Dmitry Chernyshenko.

According to Elena Shmeleva, the Sirius authorities are working on the creation of a multidisciplinary hospital and a clinical center of a university clinic, a sports medicine center based on a martial arts academy, a scientific center of translational medicine at Sirius University and a biotechnopark. This will provide residents and guests of the federal territory with high-quality medical care. Likewise, Sirius plans to launch a comprehensive support system for the development of each child’s abilities. In the future, it can be introduced in all regions of Russia.

The student campus project involves the construction of a residential neighborhood for students on the territory of Sirius for 7370 places with a total area of ​​almost 177 thousand square meters. m) A single communicative and logistical space will be created for young people to live, study and work with the Sirius Science and Art Park.

Sirius FT is preparing a program of greening the territory. At the initial stage, local authorities plan to plant at least 10 thousand trees and shrubs, create theme parks and public spaces, a botanical garden at the university.

“The strategy for the development of the Sirius federal territory, determined by the President of Russia, includes important areas for the whole country: the urban environment, the development of talent, medicine, innovation and security. Its result will be the improvement of the quality of people’s lives, the formation of a world-class scientific and technological environment and the creation of the most modern infrastructures in the field of health. Already today, with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, we are creating model conditions for development that other regions of Russia they will be able to apply in the future,” said Elena Shmeleva.

The Deputy Prime Minister also visited the new “Life Sciences” laboratory complex of the Sirius University of Science and Technology. Its construction was completed in August. Commissioning is scheduled for October-December. Genomic research, research in the field of immunology, biotechnology, gene therapy, nanobiomedicine, biology and plant biotechnology will be carried out here. For this purpose, seven resource centers equipped with high-tech equipment have been created in the laboratory complex.

The result of the activities of the laboratory building will be the training of highly qualified personnel, as well as the development of high-tech products for various sectors of the economy.

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