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Recruitment for the corporate program aimed at SIBUR “Trajectoria” has begun. Senior students majoring in chemistry, technology, and engineering are eligible to become their participants. As a result of training, graduates receive a diploma of professional retraining from Tomsk Polytechnic University, a labor profession and a guaranteed job in the company. Representatives of the Tomsk company of SIBUR talked about it at a meeting with students, which took place at the site of the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

SIBUR has consistently been among the top 10 employers in Russia for many years, and Tomskneftekhim is one of the main employers in the Tomsk region. The company introduces advanced technologies in production, development of new materials, has a unique scientific base and is also one of the leaders in the field of automation and digitization.

Trajectoria is the educational program of SIBUR and the main technical universities in the country. The training will enable students to gain applied knowledge and work experience while studying at university. Third- or fourth-year students in bachelor’s and master’s programs can become participants in the program.

“Tomsk Polytechnic University and SIBUR are united by cooperation in a whole set of educational formats: from the training of targeted students to modular retraining programs for existing specialists. The Trajectory program is one of these formats. Their participation provides students with many opportunities to acquire new knowledge and build a career. The program involves in-depth training in polymer production technology, completion of specialized technical modules and internships in a company under the guidance of an experienced mentor,” says the Director of the School of Research in Chemical and Biomedical Technologies of TPU. Marina Trusova.

Training under the target program is conducted in a remote format. The duration of study for penultimate students is 1.5 years, for postgraduate students – 9 months.

“The training program aimed at SIBUR is being implemented by TPU together with TSU and TUSUR. In two years, more than 100 students from various universities were trained on it and more than 80 graduates received professions at the company’s expense. During the training, the program participants receive additional knowledge in the field of special chemistry, take practical courses at SIBURINTEKH, improve soft skills at the SIBUR Corporate University, and also become familiar with the production process and corporate culture. When employed, the graduates in terms of their skills do not they are inferior to the current employees of the company, “says the director of personnel management of Tomskneftekhim. Alexander Yarichin.

A graduate of Tomsk Polytechnic University, a participant in corporate directed training and now a leading engineer of the ethylene polymerization unit in Tomskneftekhim, Artem Gusev spoke about his development experience in the company at the meeting. He also presented a set of innovative tools in the field of digitization of production and devoted himself in more detail to the effect and personal practice of interaction with digital solutions implemented in the company such as mathematical modeling, intelligent video surveillance, IOT, additive technologies, automatic systems, etc. brand transitions and others.

According to the company, an analysis of the careers of young specialists at SIBUR’s Tomsk company showed that up to 25% of the participants of the Trajectory program who joined the Tomskneftekhim team move to engineering positions and become experts in digital technology, 60% they receive experts. development in As part of their initial position, improving their skills and expanding their areas of responsibility, up to 15% of program participants progress to the position of line managers.

You can apply for the program by following this link.

Registration will continue until October 2. Applicants will have an interview with a human resources specialist to determine their readiness to go through further stages of selection, profile tests and a final interview with the head of the department.

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