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On Wednesday, September 21, at the Tomsk Polytechnic University, the Modeling School of JSC ETC JET (subsidiary of Rosatom State Corporation) was opened. He will teach Russian software modeling to energy students, including those entering TPU’s School of Advanced Engineering “Smart Energy Systems” as part of a federal project.

On Wednesday, the school was opened by representatives of Rosatom State Corporation, Rusatom Service JSC, JET Engineering and Technology Center JSC, TPU administration and the university’s School of Energy Engineering.

“JET Engineering and Technology Center is a partner of Tomsk Polytechnic University in the federal project “Advanced Engineering Schools”. Our school’s specialization – intelligent energy systems – is closely related to the field of ICT and modern energy, digitalization of processes in it. In addition, within the framework of the Priority 2030 program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, one of TPU’s strategic tariffs is dedicated to the energy of the future: the creation of new technologies and the training of personnel in the field of traditional, advanced and of hydrogen

For this reason, the appearance, thanks to a colleague, of a computer classroom equipped with high-tech software, will deepen the students’ knowledge in the field of mathematical modeling of technological processes and energy installations.

I am sure that thanks to the cooperation in the preparation of energy students, the TPU will be able to expand its competences to not only provide an education that is in demand in the real sectors of the economy, but also to be at the forefront of the advanced sector. research projects”, pointed out at the opening ceremony of the School, the deputy vice-chancellor of Transfer of Science and Technology of the TPU Evgeniy Bespala.

The school is located in the TPU educational building at number 4. Students will study in a specialized classroom in the center. They will work with the REPEAT software package, which is a model-based mathematical modeling and design environment. This is a completely independent development of ITC JET imports, which is used by design institutes, design offices and educational institutions to create a sovereign information environment.

“Within the framework of the import substitution project of industrial software for mathematical modeling, Rosatom, in collaboration with universities, participates in the organization of a training system for specialists who will be able to use and develop Russian software products in production. Among the joint ventures is the creation of a community of young scientists and programmers whose interests are related to the development of digital science and the achievement of advances in the field of Russian SAE systems. The JET Modeling School aims to create a network of university centers that will form a talent pool for the digitization of industries. I am sure that we will be able to interest the students because of the scale of the tasks that we have to solve together, observed the director of mathematical modeling of the State Corporation “Rosatom” Dmitri Fomichev.

“The School of Modeling at the JET Center of Engineering and Technology of Tomsk Polytechnic University is another step in creating a network of engineering and mathematics schools for our company. The opening of the School of Modeling will bring cooperation to a new level.

As a center for obtaining important digital competences and skills in working with engineering computer systems, the School will serve as an effective platform for the development of unique personnel capable of creating and subsequently implementing high domestic technologies. Taking into account the experience of the Technical and Engineering Center “JET” in the implementation of digital solutions for thermal energy installations around the world, it is important for us to support the younger generation and provide a platform for professional growth in this direction”, stressed the managing director of JSC “ETC” JET ” Alexei Kovalevich.

Energy students will learn to model, develop modules of electrical installations and processes, create digital twins, design solutions to improve the efficiency of electrical installations, reduce process costs and the number of shutdowns and incidents, and learn to virtually test designed equipment . This will give them the skills needed to operate nuclear power plants, knowledge in the field of design and engineering and extensive digital competences.

The School’s teachers will be TPU employees who have been trained to work with the REPEAT software package. At the same time, expert lectures and practical seminars will be given by JET ETC JSC specialists. All graduates of the School will receive certificates of completion of the mathematical modeling course, and students presenting high-level projects will be recommended for priority employment at JET ETC JSC and other Rosatom State Corporation organizations.

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