On the new road along Ablukova, the construction of the Ulpressa storm drain is being completed

Completion of construction and commissioning of the new road is planned for December 2022. A new section of the road network with a length of 428 meters will reduce travel time and ensure smooth travel from Zasviyazhye through the future bridge in the alignment of Shevchenko-Smychki streets to the center of Ulyanovsk.

The road will have two lanes, and three-meter sidewalks with a bike lane on each side will also be provided.

In the first phase, a new branch of the main water pipe with a diameter of 1000 millimeters was placed. The connection work was carried out on September 6. After that, we started laying storm drains. From next week we will start to dismantle the inactive water pipeline that passes under the future road. We will then begin to fill and compact the underlying layers of sand and gravel. Bicycle lanes and sidewalks are also provided. The final will be paved, installation of a lighting system and landscaping of the neighboring territory.– said Radik Kulikov, General Director of Alfatransstroy LLC.

Control over compliance with deadlines and technologies during the construction of the road along Ablukov Street is carried out by engineers of the MBU “Stroyzakazchik”, specialists of the Ministry of Transport of the Ulyanovsk Region, as well as federal experts of the construction control center of the FBU “RosStroyKontrol”.

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