Perm Motor Plant Launches Machine Building Cluster 2022 |

On September 1, 2022, at the Perm College of Industrial and Information Technologies named after BG Izgagin, the educational and production cluster of mechanical engineering, created under the federal project “Professionality”, was solemnly inaugurated. The base company of the cluster is JSC UEC-Perm Motors (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation). The plant’s executive director Sergey Kharin participated in the opening ceremony.

The essence of the new project is to accelerate the high-quality training of middle-level specialists through the joint efforts of industrial enterprises and educational institutions of vocational secondary education: technicians, machine operators, CNC machine tool operators, machine adjusters- tool for metalworking and mechanical engineering technologists, which are urgently needed by all mechanical engineering companies today. The UEC-Perm Motors plant was no exception.

– Today, the staff shortage is about eight hundred workers. We understand that we cannot hire so many professionals in a short time. Therefore, we reviewed the cooperation with the technical school, which in previous years was a supplier of personnel for the plant. Now, from the beginning of the training, we select smart young people, we provide the technical school with two modern CNC machines to minimize the training process of new production specialists,” said Sergey Kharin at the opening of the cluster.

In three years, the PTPIT will have to produce more than 600 well-trained workers for the UEC-PM. Basically, these will be CNC machine operators and general machine operators.

– First of all, as a specialist, I will be guaranteed a job. I will graduate from college and will not be looking for a job. Secondly, according to the professional program, instead of four years, you have to study for three years. And thirdly, there will be more young people in the company,” said Nikita Seleznev, a student at PTPIT, commenting on the new program.

This year, the admissions campaign broke records: 8 people per place. It was planned to enroll 195 students in the cluster, so 260 were enrolled. The prestige of the working professions, thanks to the practice-oriented programs, is undoubtedly on the rise.

“This gives young people an understanding of the importance, the correctness of their choice, an understanding of the company as a reliable partner, in whose workforce they intend to join. Many have begun to understand that it is great to be part of a great cause. And the industry of aviation is a big thing!” stressed Vyacheslav Aspidov.

In the coming years, the production volume of Perm engines will increase several times, which means an increase in the need for good specialists. PTPIT has always been a strategic partner of the engine building plant, supplying workers. Professionalism, in fact, restarts the mission of the technical school on a new material and technical basis, with new dynamic approaches to cooperation with the UEC-PM. According to the student career map developed at the technical school, graduates of the cluster will be able to join the ranks of professional machine builders in 2.5 years.


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