Physicists summarize the interim results of the study of the properties of the Higgs boson

A decade into the discovery of the Higgs boson and a pause before the expected flood of new data from the collider has made it an opportune time for physicists to summarize the interim results of Higgs boson research based on all statistics from the LHC Run 2 session We have collected links to review articles published in recent months on the properties of the Higgs boson and at conferences dedicated to its study.

Ten years ago, on July 4, 2012, CERN announced the discovery of the Higgs boson. This event not only marked the end of a long campaign to find the long-predicted particle, but also marked the beginning of a new era of research in particle physics. Scientists have discovered a new “Higgs” facet of the structure of our universe at the most fundamental level. The Higgs boson, due to the variety of its properties and the connection with other particles, immediately became a powerful tool for studying the microworld.

This year, the scientific community celebrated the anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs particle and summarized the results of the first decade of research into its properties. In July, we provided links to scientific events related to this event and talked about how the Higgs boson “portrait” appeared in experiments (see the news Higgs boson is 10 years old). Since then, several scientific papers have appeared that update the current situation with the Higgs boson, and it seems useful to gather these references.

On the anniversary of the premiere in the magazine Nature the Higgs-themed selection of scientific and popular publications appeared. It contains, among other things, two scientific papers from the ATLAS and CMS collaborations that review the most recent measurements of the properties of the Higgs boson (the ATLAS paper and the CMS paper) and a review paper, The Higgs Boson turns ten , accessible to all. a wide range of readers, with competent and verified formulations. All these articles are available for free. By the way, physicists in the ATLAS collaboration have also prepared a nice interactive timeline of their research on the Higgs boson since the discovery of the particle.

The magazine also published a selection of scientific and historical outreach materials around the Higgs boson CERN mail. A good half of its July-August issue is devoted to the Higgs boson (see page with all PDF issues of the magazine over the last decade).

In mid-July in a magazine Nature Reviews Physics a somewhat more detailed, but fairly accessible review for physicists in related fields, was published on the current state of Higgs research, including its connection to astrophysical issues (the implications of the Higgs boson and the prospects for future discoveries).

An even more detailed account of the state of Higgs boson physics can be found in the Report of the Topical Group on Higgs Physics for Snowmass 2021, recently published by a whole team of physicists who discussed this topic as part of the recent Snowmass 2021 big meeting .The emphasis here is not so much on the data already obtained, but on what physicists hope to learn about the Higgs boson in the coming decades with the help of one or another version of the future Higgs factory.

In terms of scientific events, in addition to the largest particle physics conference of the year ICHEP 2022 with numerous Higgs reports, specialized workshops were also organized this autumn. In the first half of September, literally one after another, three small but regular Higgs events took place: Workshop on Multi-Higgs Models in Lisbon, Higgs Days in Santander (Spain) and Higgs Hunting in Paris. In November, Pisa will host the largest themed conference on the physics of the Higgs boson Higgs 2022. Presentation slides from all conferences are usually freely available.

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