RIF festival of Internet technologies opened in Voronezh. Latest news from Voronezh and the region

Internet technologies festival “RIF” opened in the main building of Voronezh State University on Thursday, September 22. More than 80 specialists in IT, marketing, management and design will attend and will give lectures and master classes. The forum takes place over two days and will continue on Friday, September 23.

– This year, the main task of RIF was to look at the market and the IT industry from a slightly different angle, because there were several changes (for example, some social networks were blocked). Being in this situation, we decided to respond in the framework of the “RIF”. Overall, we can say that this festival is post-COVID and highly anticipated. We see a special interest in the event from various audiences. Traditionally we have many students who attend various sections dedicated to development, design and the job fair. Among the participants of the festival are both entrepreneurs and business specialists. People actively participate in various contests and sections. We hope that this RIF will give a breath of fresh air to the IT industry,” said Natalia Guseva, PR Director of RIF-Voronezh.

A job fair for leading IT companies of the Voronezh region was held on the first floor of the main building of Voronezh State University as part of the festival. It was organized by the Russian Internet recruitment service HeadHunter. Right here, students and graduates were interviewed “live”.

On the second, third and fourth floors of the university corridors, activities of various companies took place. Every interactive site tried to attract the attention of visitors with their creativity. Therefore, it is not surprising that queues of students formed for them.

On the site of the Like&Go portal, the atmosphere of the early 90s was recreated: here the young people enjoyed playing the Dandy prefix.

At the site of the Psychotherapy Center of Dr. Karpov, visitors were offered to control a racing car on the screen. But there was no joystick for the game – you could press the gas… for the power of concentration.

– The brain concentrates – and the car goes. If the person is distracted, the car stops. The program is written to train the skill of concentration. At this moment, the beta rhythm of the brain is read on the monitor, which is responsible for its active work”, explained the representative of the company.

The company Komnata, which specializes in quests, offered visitors to solve puzzles and build a maze.

In the place of the studio “Chizz”, the participants and listeners of the festival learned how to cook pancakes, and the company Red Сollar treated the students with branded red apples and offered to put glitter on their faces.

At 11.00, five thematic sections started simultaneously in student auditoriums, conference halls and events: “Marketing and Advertising”, “HR + Development”, “Development”, “Design + Mobile”, “Administration and IT”.

As part of the marketing section, strategists, analysts, bloggers, SMM specialists and SEO experts shared the secrets of Internet promotion, including discussing alternative methods of promotion such as video formats and podcasts.

In the “Government and IT” section, the experts addressed current issues such as cyber security and import substitution. Alexey Sokolov, Deputy Head of the Department of Digital Development – Head of the Department of Digital Public Administration, was the first speaker to speak at it.

He talked about import substitution in the area of ​​software. Aleksey Sokolov stressed that the public sector faces the task of transferring all information systems to home software by the end of 2024. Now on the computers of officials, according to him, there is “a whole zoo” of information systems.

– It becomes very dangerous to use foreign software. We are already transferring our information systems to home software. In particular, the Russian system of electronic document management introduced in our country is completely replaced by import, “said Alexey Sokolov.

In the HR+Development section, Ksenia Stepanova, head of corporate culture and internal communications at HeadHunter, talked about a conscious corporate culture in IT. He pointed out that the average age of the company’s employees is 30 to 35 years old, but employees who are 74 years old also work on equal terms with them. Everyone has a free dress code. For the best employees, there is a system of incentives and bonuses; for example, they receive training certificates.

She was followed by psychotherapist Igor Karpov, who spoke about burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome in the IT field.

In the Design+Mobile section, the experts talked about the so-called emotional design. For example, Maxim Sobkovsky, art director of the Voronezh company Red Collar, gave a lecture on how to use the secrets of Hollywood blockbusters in the design of UI and UX interfaces.

And the co-founder of the online school “Krona Studio & School” Sofya Baklanova shared with the audience the secrets of the “emotional cardiogram” of design: she told how to draw the user’s attention with the help of design.

– I told you how to use the design to cause “emotional tachycardia” – how to influence the user’s emotions, – said Sophia.

In the “Development” section, experts gave lectures on how to protect your development from cheaters, how to reduce the cost of cyber protection before the product launch, shared the secrets of the development of the Internet of Things.

What will be the program of the Internet festival “RIF-Voronezh” on Friday, September 23, you can read here.

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