Science and technology festival “The future is here” will be held in Vyksa on September 24

United Metallurgical Company (OMK), in the year of its 30th anniversary, together with the Polytechnic Museum, organizes a large-scale science and technology festival “The future is here” in Vyksa. The event will take place on September 24 at the location of the largest company in OMK.

According to the press service of the company, guests of the festival will be treated to a unique scientific show “How does an inventor think?” from the creator of the TV show “Galileo”, the famous director of the show, design engineer Alexei Ivanchenko.

In addition, the amazing and exciting Tesla FX electric show, the first professional show in Eurasia, awaits Vyksa residents and guests of the city. With the help of highly reliable Tesla transformers, specialists will show how to tame lightning, and in the “Electricity” tent they will reveal the most incomprehensible mysteries of the scientist Nikola Tesla and demonstrate the magic of electricity.

Scientific and educational talks and debates will be held in the Theory tent. Renowned OMK scientists and researchers will talk about what happened after the Big Bang, how biotechnologies change our lives and help solve environmental problems, and more.

In the “Experiment” tent, guests can try themselves as chemists and environmentalists. Here you can also learn 3D scanning and take a robotics masterclass. And they will help the participants of the OMK Vyksa plant.

In the “Achievements” tent, team tests will be held for participants of different ages.

The organizers also indicated that visitors to the “Future is Here” festival will have a unique opportunity to be the first to see a series of popular science short films from the film almanac of the FUNK Scientific Film Laboratory and discuss them with invited scientists even before the official premiere .

And in the exhibition “Science is beautiful”, which takes place in the VSW History Museum, you will be able to see the world through the eyes of a researcher.

Alexander Barykov, general manager of OMK’s Vyksa plant, emphasized that OMK and VSW have always developed using cutting-edge scientific achievements. And some of them were started by the employees themselves.

“We consider it important to popularize science, support and develop technical creativity. In the year of its 30th anniversary and the 265th anniversary of the Vyksa plant, OMK offers the residents of Vyksa a unique family festival dedicated to the development of science and technology. I am sure that everyone will be able to find something interesting for themselves and gain new knowledge. Join us!” invited the OMK representative.

The festival starts at 12:00 on September 24 at Metallurgists’ Square (Vyksa, Lenin Street, 5). Free entrance. The festival program can be found at the link.

Detailed information about the event is available at

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