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According to roadmaps for quantum computing and communications developed by Russian officials, the country will create computers with a capacity of 50 to 100 qubits and quantum communication networks with a total length of at least 7,000 km.

At the moment, even the market leaders – Google, Microsoft and NASA – have not been significantly successful in creating a 50-qubit computer.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenkountil 2025, the volume of state investments in support of scientific institutions and state enterprises involved in the development of quantum technologies will amount to at least 100 million rubles.

“At the same time, the main condition for receiving funds is that the organizations that have signed these agreements are obliged to provide co-financing in no less volume than the state,” said Chernyshenko.

A pressing question for such plans is how the goals of the road map will be achieved under the conditions of technological and scientific deadlock.

According to the academician, chairman of the scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Quantum Technologies” and a candidate for the position of head of the academy. Gennady Krasnikovthe government, the Russian Academy of Sciences and universities should work as a single mechanism in terms of import substitution and the achievement of technological sovereignty, which the country’s president has repeatedly spoken about.

“Quantum technologies are designed to provide Russia with technological independence and leadership. By achieving superiority in this area, we will be able to bring many areas of the economy to a qualitatively new level. This applies to medicine, security, logistics and many other industries. We will be able to carry out a complete modeling of arbitrary quantum systems, we will have new opportunities to create materials, model a wide range of biological, social and economic processes. Krasnikov says.

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