Sergey Shlychkov – Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee on State Support for Digital Transformation for Innovative Projects

Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee, Sergey Shlychkov, spoke at the conference “Smart factory. Enterprise experience” during the forum on the digital transformation of the real sector of the economy Smart Industry Expo about the measures the state is taking to support the digital transformation in scientific, technical and innovative activities, informs the BelTA correspondent.

The topic of digitization is now more relevant than ever, especially in the real sector of the economy. “Everyone has heard about our successes in the field of information technology. This industry, as a clear example of successful transformation, has become one of the remarkable drivers of the growth of the national economy,” said Sergey Shlychkov.

The head of the department touched in detail on the issue of state support for digital transformation in scientific, technical and innovation activities. In this sense, the country adopted such fundamental documents as the strategy for the development of computerization, the state programs for innovative development, the state program for the development of the digital economy and the information society, as well as Decree n. the development of the digital economy”.

In 2019, the SCST prepared a comprehensive forecast of the scientific and technological progress of Belarus for 2021-2025 and until 2040 for 14 main sectors of the economy. Based on the results of the forecast, common priorities for scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities were developed. The document defines digital information and communication technologies as the first priority area. “Thanks to so much attention from the state, modern ICT is successfully introduced in almost all areas of life and ensures the innovative development of the country. An example is the HTP, where since 2017 the number of residents has increased by more than 5 times and now already exceeds a thousand,” said the head of the committee – In the context of unprecedented global competition, it is increasingly difficult to ensure development at the expense of the traditional economy. That is why it is especially important to focus on domestic developments. and its development in production. Under these conditions, state support for scientific, technical and innovative activities is one of the most important prerequisites for the development of national industry and other areas to a higher quality level. It is based on the program-objective method. “.

In Belarus, at the legislative level, two main mechanisms for this support are defined: the state scientific and technical programs and the state innovative development program. Scientific and technical programs act as a link between the subjects of scientific and technical activities and the sectors of the real sector of the economy. The tasks of 14 scientific and technical programs are now being carried out. For its implementation in the period from 2021 to 2025, funds were raised in the amount of up to 1,000 million Br. The most successful programs in ICT are intelligent instrumentation, innovative mechanical engineering and machine building technologies, as well as cyber security.

By participating in the programs, technology manufacturers, regardless of their form of ownership, have the opportunity to launch the production of innovative products developed from the results of research and development work, thereby saving significant funds for their development. For example, BELGEE has developed and is implementing a technology for welding small nodes of Geely vehicles using a robotic line. The novelty lies in the use of advanced solutions in the field of electronics, mechatronics and computer-aided design systems. The development will be integrated into the plant’s production management system, technological documentation and software will be created, from which it is possible to produce cars of your own design.

The selection of innovative projects for the state program of innovative development is carried out on a competitive basis. “For this, a series of criteria have been developed, the observance of which makes it possible to direct the budget funding free of charge for the implementation of innovative projects, including in the field of information and communication technologies. the Belarusian Innovation Fund can be attracted on a repayable basis in terms of % of the refinancing rate of the National Bank for a period of using the funds for up to 7 years with the possibility of deferring the payment of the principal and interest for up to 2 years, “said Sergey Shlychkov At the moment, a draft regulatory law is being studied, which provides for the reduction of the interest rate to 0.15% and an increase in the term of use of funds to 9 years.

Benefits are also offered for innovative projects of the state program. Among them is the classification of projects for the creation of new industries of decisive importance for the innovative development of Belarus as investment projects. Technological equipment that is imported into the country for the implementation of the project is expected to be exempt from the program of customs duties and import VAT without entering into an investment agreement, as well as an investment deduction of up to 150% of the capital costs of the project . . It provides for the exemption of land tax or rent for land used for the construction of facilities for the implementation of program projects, until the completion of construction and installation works and putting the facility into service.

This opportunity was taken by 70 organizations that are implementing 74 innovative projects. In 2021-2022, about Br 200 million of budgetary funds have been allocated for these purposes, as well as more than Br 2.3 billion of extra-budgetary funds. Practically in each of the five areas defined by the state program there are ICT projects. Sergey Shlychkov noted the most striking of them: “Implementation of technology for the production of metal structures with multi-system integration of processes based on the concept of Industry 4.0” at the plant of technological metal structures in Novopolotsk, the project “Development and development of technologies in the production of footwear (operations for solving problems of leather goods, cutting, stretching, adhesives and others) at JLLC “Belwest”.

The president of the SCST drew attention to the development of the network of scientific and technological parks in Belarus. They were created in all regional centers and other cities. The fundamental result of their activities is a stable growth in the volume of innovative and high-tech products produced by the residents. “In the technoparks, and today there are 16 of them, any scientific, research and production and innovation activity is possible. The main task of the technopark is to help the residents in the implementation of their projects. The proportion of residents involved in ICT technologies is more of 18% and is constantly growing,” he stressed. Sergei Shlychkov.

The head of the department pointed out the high potential of public-private collaboration in the field of digitization of the economy and the need for more intensive development. In his opinion, given the huge proportion of private companies that are residents of the High Technology Park, the technological parks, at the state level, should actively promote organizational and economic incentives, foreseeing a more active participation of privately owned companies in the scientific field . , technical and innovation programs.


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