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Russia is developing “heavyweight” software solutions, including for the oil and gas sector. This software will be designed to replace the software products of companies that have left the Russian market, in particular, Schlumberger and Honeywell.

“Our task is to form system projects for the development of software to meet the critical needs of Russian companies,” Interfax quoted Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov as saying on the sidelines of the Oil and Gas Forum in Tyumen.

Denis Manturov stressed that “those solutions must be transversal and intersectoral in nature, demanded by companies in related industries.” “The largest leading companies in various fields are involved in this work: mechanical engineering, electronics, metallurgy and the oil and gas industry,” said the deputy prime minister. As an example, he cited oil and gas companies that are actively working on, for example, the development of operational production management technologies, shipment control systems and supply chain management systems.

Cooperation effect

Today, the most important task of the country’s development is digital and informational sovereignty, Sergey Pogorelov, deputy general director of the Skylit IT company, is sure. According to him, we need our own software for all kinds of industries to eliminate dependence on foreign IT companies and prevent the leakage of the most important confidential information outside of Russia.

For the development of digital sovereignty, we have everything in our country: specialists, legislation and experience. A new “heavy software” with blanks must be created immediately for further export to friendly developing countries. We have a whole layer of computer developments that have not yet been put into operation, they used to collect dust on the shelves, but now all roads are open to such developments, Sergei Pogorelov told Expert.

As discussed at the last St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, now in this area there is not enough a single source of request for the development of a software version, nor several from different companies, Mikhail Ivanov, head of SimbirSoft IT. subsidiary of the company in St. Petersburg, observed in a comment to Expert. Creating cooperation between customers and cooperation between developers can significantly speed up the development of this software and allow you to collect more functionality in a single computer system.

The second important aspect of the development of this software, considers Mikhail Ivanov, is the need to create a specialized committee, a knowledge center on the part of the client. In most cases, IT professionals only have knowledge within their technology stack. Therefore, in order to obtain the best solution in a short time, it is important to have a certain center of competence, in which all the experience of the industry is concentrated. Developers create software and are directed and managed by industry experts.

In general, preparations for import substitution in the country began a long time ago. But if an oil and gas company used a system from a foreign company, it will have to be completely replaced with domestic software in several stages, which can take a long time. Although the oil and gas industry has an opportunity to replace foreign software with Russian, including through the use of machine learning, Mikhail Ivanov admitted.

The situation varies by sector

Most Russian industrial companies worked on ready-made solutions developed by foreign IT companies, Nikita Dontsov, a political scientist and head of the Influence communication group, told Expert. Now, under the pressure of sanctions on Russia, many companies restrict access to their software for users in our country, including due to the inability of Russians to pay for paid versions of programs.

But the positive thing is that Russia now has an excellent opportunity to become independent from the software of the largest Western players, which immediately left the Russian market without supply, with a large unsatisfied demand. Its market share in the next year will be completely occupied by domestic developers; now is a good time for them, Dontsov is sure.

The situation may vary depending on the industry, said Olga Sokolova, partner of the Digital Guru agency, in an interview with an expert correspondent. For example, in the market of social network analysis and information technology in general, there is a problem with the substitution of foreign software, but it is not so acute. Yes, few people expected that the world services could stop supporting and working in general with Russian companies so abruptly. But Russian analogues of foreign services and software were already on the market (although they were not as well-known as, for example, Yandex.Disk, MyOffice and others), or appeared on the market this spring or announced their plans to enter. the market in very soon.

The situation is different in the oil and gas industry itself, and in general in the extractive sector as a whole, said the expert. Here, most companies have been using foreign software, foreign solutions and foreign consultants for years. Often with expensive imported equipment, some other software? different from abroad? it is simply not allowed to use it.

“And here, for a complete replacement of foreign solutions, I think it will take much more time, most likely several years. As I understand it, it will not be possible to simply switch to analogues from friendly countries. Often there are simply no such analogues. And we see that some companies are already talking about changing the launch dates of new projects. For example, Novatek is changing the launch date. Even due to difficulties with special equipment and software, which we still don’t have in the country,” noted Olga Sokolova.

You need to change yours urgently

As Dmitry Kornachev, executive director of the Consortium of Companies in the Sphere of Electronic and Telematic Devices for Automobiles, told Expert, automotive electronics and the automotive industry in general are technologically complex industries that cannot function without software. Software solutions are used literally everywhere, from computer-aided design of microcomponents to process control on conveyors.

“We cannot allow a situation where we are immediately disconnected from the existing software. Therefore, for the sustainability of the industry, it is of vital importance to urgently switch to Russian developments. Unfortunately, today in Russia there are practically no analogues that can replace foreign solutions. So therefore, we must direct all resources there, to the development of competitive domestic software, “the expert emphasized.

Of course, creating “heavy” software is much more difficult than developing custom programs or applications. These developments require serious financial investments and human resources. And here I would like to have the support of the state, which is fighting for the formation of technological sovereignty, concluded Dmitry Kornachev.

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