Technology Bank companies will help industrialists introduce additive technologies – ExpertRU

Information on new additive technologies developed by Russian companies has been included in the online resource of the Technology Bank, which is being developed by the Moscow government. This was announced on September 19 by Evgeny Alikanov, the head of this project, subordinate to the department of investment and industrial policy of the capital, at the VI International Conference on Additive Technologies.

“Today, the introduction of additive technologies in production plays an increasingly important role, which simplifies and accelerates the development process of new products and improves their quality. Understanding this, we placed in the Technology Bank information about Russian manufacturers of additive equipment, as well as developers of computer-aided design systems, mathematical modeling and many other solutions related to additive technologies,” said Evgeny Alikanov.

In particular, the resource features multi-axis FDM printing technology – 5Dtech. It allows you to halve the printing time of the products, as well as increase their strength up to 400% due to the fact that the carbon fiber threads are intertwined inside the products. According to Moscow authorities, this development can replace expensive and heavy aluminum parts, as well as expand the scope of composite additive technologies.

In addition, a developer of equipment for selective laser fusion was included in the registration. This industrial 3D printer is designed to grow products up to 30 centimeters high from metal powder materials: aluminum, bronze, titanium alloys or stainless steel.

Remember that the government of the capital provides support to industrialists who decide to implement national IT solutions in their production. They can receive a subsidized loan of up to 300 million rubles over a three-year period from the Moscow Fund for Support of Industry and Entrepreneurship.

“The Moscow Foundation for Support of Industry and Entrepreneurship provides companies with subsidized loans for the purchase of new equipment, including for the development of additive manufacturing. Companies that have production sites in the city can count on support,” said Evgeniy Myagkov, deputy general director of the fund. He added that another state program to support industrialists was launched this year. “We offset part of the interest on commercial loans: the rate on loans for investment purposes was reduced to 3% and the maximum loan amount increased to 3,000 million rubles,” specified Evgeny Myagkov.

For her part, the lecturer of the Moscow Technical School, Ekaterina Evseeva, said that this summer, together with the capital’s manufacturer of photopolymers for 3D printers, a free educational program “Basic course of additive technologies” was launched.

“Additive technologies have become an integral part of life: this is no longer the future, but our present. Therefore, this year we opened an online course in this area, not only for engineers, but also for ordinary people who are interested in this type of technology. We received a great response, therefore, together with partners, we are working on options to expand this practice to other areas,” said Ekaterina Evseeva.

We add that industrial companies in Moscow can send their specialists to study in the Communication Technologies and Additive Technologies programs. And in the coming days it is planned to launch courses on “Artificial Intelligence in Industry”, “Robotics and Sensors”, “Microelectronics and Photonics”. In later years, new areas will appear: “Digital twins”, “New production technologies” and “Unmanned vehicles”.

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