The authorities say that the Vladimir region is not threatened by the shortage of potatoes

More than half of all potato planting areas in the Vladimir region are located in the Melenkovsky district, where almost two-thirds of the total volume of the most popular tuber among Russians is produced.

photo from the page of Konstantin Demidov and the group “Overheard Melenki [ПМ]»

In September, the industrial harvest of potatoes continues in the Vladimir region. At the beginning of the first month of autumn, Vladimirstat reported that the region had already received 7.5% more potatoes than at the beginning of September 2021.

By mid-September, 810 hectares of potatoes were harvested from Vladimir fields (these areas are a quarter more than in 2021) and now a total of 21,000 tons have been harvested, yielding 255 cents per hectare. This is reported by the head of agriculture of the Vladimir region Konstantin Demidov.


And on Saturday, September 17, in the “potato capital” of the Vladimir region, in the Melenkovsky district, the ninth Potato Day was celebrated. As noted by Konstantin Demidov on his page, four district companies are the basis of potato cultivation in the entire region: Melagro LLC, Dmitrievy Gory SPK, Ilkino JSC and Volkov AP peasant farm. In general, the Melenkovsky district produces 1.5 tons of potatoes per inhabitant per year, the White House notes.


“Melenkovsky district is rightly considered the potato capital of the Vladimir region. Potato planting areas make up more than half of all regional, and thanks to the introduction of the most modern cultivation technologies and maximum yields, almost 2 /3 of all Vladimir potatoes. Most Melenkovsky potatoes are offered for processing, for the production of chips of the most popular brand in the world “- said the director of the agriculture department of the Vladimir region Konstantin Demidov.

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