The International Energy Agency urged countries to share “green” technologies: News ➕1, 20.09.2022

The fight against the climate crisis and the containment of warming are threatened due to the fact that countries do not cooperate in the field of exchange and development of new “green” technologies. This is indicated in the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), according to Reuters.

“Through international cooperation, we can make the transition faster, cheaper and easier for everyone,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol.

According to the head of the agency, without international partnerships, the transition to zero carbon emissions will be much more difficult and could drag on for decades.

The IEA report makes 25 recommendations, including increasing cross-border energy networks for the transmission of energy from clean generation sources.

The organization’s experts also advise countries to agree on a common date when states should simultaneously switch to the use of electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly vehicles. Such milestones could be 2035 for cars and vans and 2040 for heavy trucks.

The IEA believes that states should also increase production of low-carbon steel to more than 100 million tonnes by 2030. The figure is now just over 1 million tonnes.

Earlier, talked about the decision of European countries to adjust their emission targets before the COP27 climate summit.

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