The IT company Jet Infosystems provided academician Roitberg’s clinic with IT infrastructure

“Institute of Nuclear Medicine” Khimki JSC “Medicina” was equipped with a set of IT solutions: from data storage systems and information security to Wi-Fi 6 and multimedia. Technologies will help the work of doctors, as well as make the stay of patients at the institute comfortable and safe. The project was implemented by the IT company Jet Infosystems.

The Institute of Nuclear Medicine (INM) is a new division of JSC “Medicina” (Clinic of Academician Roitberg), opened in 2021 in Khimki, Moscow Region. The Institute is designed to receive 28,000 patients a year and is one of the largest and most modern cancer centers in Russia. The implementation of IT solutions and the creation of an IT infrastructure at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine was entrusted to Jet Infosystems. On the territory of the new oncology center, the IT company also created a backup data center and established its interaction with the main data processing center at JSC Meditsina, located in Moscow at 2nd Tverskoy-Yamsky Lane.

The IT infrastructure of the Khimki Institute of Nuclear Medicine is closely connected with its medical systems. Patient case histories and examination results are stored electronically in the data storage system. All information is securely protected thanks to the network access control system. It protects the IML network from external attacks and also restricts employee access to IML services. The entire territory of the medical institution is covered by wireless radio communication, which allows doctors to always be in touch and quickly respond to calls.

“Using various IT solutions, we managed to create a high-tech medical complex that helps us bring the quality of diagnostics and the effectiveness of cancer treatment to a new level in Russia. We chose Jet Infosystems as a partner, which is well-known in the technology market of the information for its competence and experience in the field of building an IT infrastructure”.he commented director of the Information Technology Service of JSC “Medicina” (Clinic of Academician Roitberg) Maxim Petukhov.

Part of the walls of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine is reinforced with metal mesh, which prevents the propagation of radio signals, including Wi-Fi signals. In order to provide wireless Internet connection to patients and doctors in all areas of the institute building, the specialists of the IT company installed more than 180 high-speed Wi-Fi access points 6. Thus, the project became one of the most great ones from all over the world. the implementation of a new wireless communication standard in the medical field.

In the rooms of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, doctors can connect to panel screens to demonstrate exam results. Patients can also use these screens: specialists have installed a digital television (IPTV) system with 120 broadcasting channels.

For the convenience of the institute’s patients, instead of standardized signs, video panels were installed in front of the office entrances with information about the doctor, his appointment schedule, as well as the current status of his presence in the office. In front of the entrances to the rooms, video panels show the names of the patients and the name of the attending physician. Screens connected to the Digital Signage platform are installed in the public areas of the clinic. Thanks to this platform, the IT service of JSC Medicine (Clinic of Academician Roitberg) can display information quickly and simultaneously on all screens, which means that visitors will be able to learn important news from the clinic in a timely manner, as well as receive information about diagnoses. and treatment methods in the medical center.

“For Jet Infosystem, this is one of the largest and most ambitious projects to create an IT infrastructure for medical institutions. The real challenge was the integration of various network management platforms, as well as the implementation of Wi-Fi 6 in conditions of specific radio permeability of the walls. We are proud that it was our company that created the technological basis for the operation of one of the largest and most modern cancer centers in Russia. The capabilities of the installed solutions will allow us to confidently develop existing digital services and introduce others new ones in the future. – commented Maxim Kudryavtsev, head of sales at Jet Infosystems.

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