The second school “Quantorium” was created in the Volgograd region

The second “Quantorium” school of the Ministry of Education of Russia was established in the Volgograd Region, the Volgograd Region Committee on Education, Science and Youth Policy reports.

About 700 young researchers began their studies at the Quantorium school in Kamyshin. It was opened in school number 18 as part of the national project “Education”. For various studies, the Quantorium School has about 450 modern equipments, including an autonomous robotic arm, a muffle furnace, a spectrophotometer, biosignals and neurotechnology laboratories and various laboratory complexes.

The object became the sixth technological park of the Volgograd region.

Quantorium Children’s Technoparks are platforms where children can learn promising areas of engineering, including modern laser technologies, neurotechnologies, drones, programming, 3D modeling and others.

The technoparks are designed to train young personnel in a number of thematic areas, from robotics and the design of small terrestrial satellites to the study of laser technologies and the modeling of unmanned objects.

The national project “Education” aims to achieve the national goal of the Russian Federation, defined by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is to provide opportunities for self-realization and the development of talents.

As part of the national “Education” project, 302 educational centers with a total capacity of 194,800 places have been put into operation since 2019. In 2021, 89 schools were introduced with a total capacity of more than 53,000 places. The construction and commissioning of the new schools are carried out in close collaboration with the community of parents.

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